The most numerous damages of modern fridges and their possible reasons

The modern market proposes various models of refrigerators that perform both simple and more technological functions. Most appliances are qualitative and have been serving for a long time but damages are still possible, even in case of strictly following operation rules.

Besides, some fridges models have so called “weak points” – details that are being broken more frequently as usual. There can be also pointed out some spread problems that are common for all refrigerator models:

  1.      A fridge turns off after 5-10 minutes of operation.

Such problem is more character for models with No-Frost system and may be connected with engine damages or temperature controller fallout.

  1.      There appeared water on the bottom of a fridge.

Such problem is more character for fridges with electronic system of regimes controlling. The main reason is failure of temperature monitor.

  1.      There appeared icing inside a fridge.

The reasons of such problem are numerous: filter loading, freon leak, etc.

So the problems with fridges can have different character but most of them are solved easily in case of qualified repair. This procedure must be provided only be well-experienced and qualified specialists who use only original replacement parts.

Refrigerator repair Staten Island and other regions is proposed by different companies therefore it is not difficult to select a respected one.


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