Microblading eyebrows

Eyebrows are extremely important parts of woman’s image therefore beauty salons propose various procedures to make them elegant and beautiful. One of the most popular procedures is microblading eyebrows.
This technique is almost similar to eyebrows tattooing but there can be pointed out some differences between them. Pigment is injected under the skin by specialist, not by the equipment therefore it is important to apply only the most qualified cosmetologists.
The result is maximally natural. Eyebrows will look like natural ones and it explains popularity of the procedure.
Microblading eyebrows is recommended when the following problems are observed:
1. asymmetry of eyebrows;
2. thin eyebrows;
3. skint hair;
4. loss of eyebrows due to different problems.
The procedure is provided in several steps: preparation (avoiding of antibiotics and alcohol for two days), injection of pigment (consultation and selecting optimal way of microblading), beauty care (special regime that excludes piling, pool visiting and some other things for a certain period of time).

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